Padded and Plated Armour

Hand crafted to the highest standard, made from a calico or linen outer with layered wool interior. Hand stitched and knotted to create a garment for full contact historic fighting. Our garments are of museum quality, we make padded armour from display to full fighting weight depending what our customers demand. Please make sure you send the measure chart for a quote.

Some of our items are in stock or made to order.
Watch out for us at reenactment events this year.

Heavy Dark Age Padded tunic. Hand stiched and stuffed with wool.



High Status early medieval gambason. Diamond and Virtical stiched with contrasting braid. Can be made in a number of colours. Period buckles available.



15th century style padded jack.
Used by archer, swordsman and billman. Different padding style for
each weapon. Period buckles available.



As above only shown in black



Short sleeve special order. You will not miss this on the battlefield! Most colours available.



Our stock Jack

A full combat jack with leather ties Available in sizes M, L, XL or XXL

£100.00 plus UK postage



Our stock Jack.

A full combat jack with leather mounted buckles. Available in sizes M, L, XL ,XXL

£100.00 plus UK postage


Padded gorget with leather strapping for support of arm armour. Neck closure with medieval style buckle. Made to fit upto an 18 inch neck.

£40.00. plus UK postage